Can I use an Apple laptop? Will it be supported the same way as our Windows laptops?

by | Apr 15, 2024

I was asked this question this week by a new member of staff at one of our clients, and it got me thinking – this would make a good blog post!

Gone are the days when Apple Macs were seen as just for ‘creative’ folk. The fact is you don’t need to be working on the new Pixar movie to justify preferring an Apple Mac. Our Mayfair Art Gallery clients tend to be Apple exclusively for the entire business, but we have seen a steady increase in those choosing to use Macs at our Family Office and investment fund clients too. Even my own MacBook Air is never out of reach!

IT companies (especially Mayfair Tech!) will often do a good job managing Windows PC’s, making sure they have the latest security updates, managing software updates, monitoring for cyber security breaches, ensuring that users have the correct security permissions… I could go on but you get the idea. In contrast Macs were often conveniently ignored by traditional service providers, left to run with no real oversight and only worked on when something went wrong.

In order to address this situation we sent our Mac specialist George on a mission, identify the industry’s best software tools that will enable us to manage Apple Macs with the same parity as our Microsoft Windows based devices. After hours of product demos, and weeks of testing we selected a platform that met our standards. Addigy MDM (Mobile Device Management), is a powerful platform designed specifically for Mac devices. This cutting-edge tool allows our IT experts to remotely manage and secure your company’s Mac fleet with unparalleled efficiency and control.

Get in touch if would like to learn more about how we can protect, manage and support the Apple Macs in your business.

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